Why Aura

Welcome to Aura of Nature.
We bring to you a diverse range of 100% natural oils and natural products.
Our aim is to enhance your overall well being and increase the energy of your aura.
Our natural products have been extensively researched , sourced and curated with utmost care.
We have a unique and talented team who use only the best practices, with no compromises at all.
Every single product has its own set of unique properties and is of the highest quality.
Our products address a variety of concerns and are for beautification purposes that primarily include Skin care , Body care & Hair care.

Our Mission

We are obsessed with high quality and at the same time we make sure we are mindful about pricing.
We want these luxury products to be affordable ,so that more people can inculcate them as part of their daily routine.
We want to make a positive impact on each of our customer’s lives by providing products that will help enhance their overall well being to the very best of our ability.

Our journey continues.
Live well. Keep healthy. Be happy.

Kartik Metre / Founder